There are four levels of sponsorships available: Sharpie, Surf Boat, Shad Boat, and Spritsail. For more information or to sponsor the boat show, visit the Friends of the Maritime Museum website.

We would like to thank our 2019 Sponsors of the Annual Wooden Boat Show:

Sharpie Level Sponsors

Billie and Dick Futrell

Surf Boat Level Sponsors

Connie and James Maynard



Shad Boat Level Sponsors

Barbara Baker and Donald Kritsch

Carol and Ed Bowman

Ann and Darryl Davis

Lynn Eury

Norm Greisen

Mary and Bruce Prager

Dianne Tetreault

Beverly Glover-Wood and Walt Wood

Joan and Winburne King

Pat and Vick Moore

Dickie and Jerome Newsome

Liz and Rich Olsen

Wendi & Bucky Oliver

Spritsail Level Sponsors


34 North

Bobbie Wallinger and Dennis Sorenson

Peggy and Jim Stallworth

Nancy and Joe Ustach

Sarah and Bill Weinhold

Molly and Elwyn Wood

Susan and Bill Zaist

Pennylloyd and John Baldridge

Sandra and John Atkins

Mary Sue and Curt Barry

Beth Beswick

Gwynne Chadwick

Ann and Doug Doubleday

Allison and Dave DuBuisson

Polly and John Hagle

Jeane and Jack Welch

Phyllis and Willie Schrader

Tom Harper

Dr. Cynthia Kleppinger and David Rathburn

Kathy and Bill McDade

William Prentice

Alicia and Carl Ragsdale

Jennifer and Robbie Roddewig

Meredith and Eric Siegmann

Laura and Bill Snyder

Media Sponsor

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