In-Water Boat Show

In addition to the wooden boats on display on Front Street, a number of watercraft are on display at the Beaufort Town Docks. Some offer tours. Past entrants have included the following:


Meka II

Owner: Capt. Horatio Sinbad

Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Type: Sail

Built: 1967

Restored: 1967

LOA / Beam: 54’ / 12’

Builder: Capt. Horatio Sinbad

Type: Brigantine


Cricket II

Owner: Capt. Joseph DiBella

Homeport: New Bern, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1947

Restored: 2014

LOA / Beam: 39’ / 13.3’

Builder: Tiffany Yachts

Type: Deltaville



Owner: John Tinney

Homeport: Wilmington, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1943

Restored: 1985

LOA / Beam: 43’ / 10’

Builder: Ed Willis

Type: Round Stern Core Sounder



Owner: Jerry Pope

Homeport: Wilmington, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1930

Restored: 2012

LOA / Beam: 27’ / 8’4’

Builder: Elco

Type: Cruiser

Ole Chris_Annual Wooden Boat_Show_Beaufort_NC

Ole Chris

Owner: Ryan & Kim Gadow

Homeport: Durham, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1940

Restored: 2016

LOA / Beam: 33’ / 11’

Builder: Chris Craft

Type: Enclosed Cruiser


Sea Wife

Owner: Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum

Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1953

Restored: 1998

LOA / Beam: 24’

Builder: Unknown

Type: Round Stern Core Sounder


Bette S.

Owner: Rick Goode

Homeport: Beaufort, NC

Type: Power

Built: 1968

Restored: 2011

LOA / Beam: 30’ / 9’

Builder: Ralph Stanley

Type: Lobster Boat